Even as we become more digital, we still rely on the phone to talk to customers, connect with team members, and conduct day-to-day business.

Especially for small businesses, talking to customers on the phone is still important. Now that more of us are working at home, we struggle to separate business and personal lives. Using the same phone line for both business and personal only makes that struggle more difficult.

VoxDirect can help. It has a multitude of features that create a more seamless, productive workday. 

Many industries should utilize this type of phone system. Read how these nine industries can work better with a cloud-based voice system.



Restaurants get a lot of calls. Whether it's your customers asking about reservations or opening hours, busy staff members have to field calls throughout the day and night.

But many of these calls don't necessarily need a person on the line. Some callers may just want the address or hours of operation. Other callers may wish to place a takeout order, and others may want to make a reservation. And, of course, some of your callers are just spam.

VoxDirect’s Business Phone System solves this pain point for restaurants. Instead of one person directing calls, Virtual Assistant will redirect callers to the appropriate person’s cell phone (or keep them on hold, if necessary). You can set up line 1 for reservations, line 2 for takeout orders, line 3 for hours, etc.

More importantly, no one has to sit by a landline! The restaurant staff can use their cell phones as business lines so they can run around while taking calls.

For restaurants that open later in the day, going through voicemails from the morning can take time. Thankfully, business phone systems offer transcription, so you can read through them quickly and call back the most pressing needs first.

How restaurants can use cloud voice services:

  • Streamline reservations, takeout orders, and general inquiry calls.
  • Allow restaurant staff to answer calls from anywhere.
  • Read through transcribed messages.
  • Block spam callers to save time.
  • Quickly transfer calls to direct the caller to the right person.


Real Estate

Both commercial and residential real estate agents field numerous calls throughout the day. From potential buyers wanting more information on listings to frantic seller questions, agents can easily spend the entire day on the phone.

VoxDirect can be especially helpful for real estate agents because you might not receive cell phone reception everywhere you go. If you're at a showing in the countryside but still need to answer calls, VoxDirect allows users to switch to WiFi for business calls and texts.

Agents also frequently need conference calling. If you are talking to the inspector, for example, you might want to conference call the buyer to avoid having to repeat all of the information over again.

Real estate agents are always on the go, so having a virtual business phone system makes it easy to conduct your business wherever you are. No need to wait to get back to the office to hear messages!

How real estate agents can use cloud voice services:

  • Read transcribed voicemails to know whether or not the call needs to be returned.
  • Conference call with buyers or sellers, appraisers, inspectors, and more.
  • Transfer client calls to get to the right agent.



Nonprofits need a reliable phone system that can handle many calls; the last thing you want is to miss a call from a prominent donor.

Plus, nonprofits are often looking for a way to cut expenses, and many outdated phone systems are incredibly expensive. 

Your organization may not be able to hire a receptionist to field calls, but you still want to showcase your professionalism. Virtual receptionists provide the benefits of an employee -- without the cost.

If you're at an event, you will still want access to your business phone, especially when coordinating volunteers. VoxDirecy allows you to transfer calls to anyone, anywhere. 

Your staff members can each have their own extension, so callers can easily get routed to donation takers, volunteer coordinators, general information, and more.

Your nonprofit may also need to accept faxes, which you can do from your business line or another dedicated line, efficiently and seamlessly.

How nonprofits can use the Business Phone System for different functions:

  • Virtual receptionist for a professional greeting.
  • Seamless call transfers.
  • Easily hold conference calls with the board of directors or donors.
  • Call forwarding capabilities for when you're at an event.
  • Accept incoming faxes from a business phone number or dedicated line.


Medical Practices

Your medical practice can genuinely benefit from the Business Phone System. First and foremost, patients often need to reach the physician on call, making VoIP an excellent option. If the doctor lives in an area with poor reception, WiFi calling is a must.

Your medical practice probably needs a few different lines, such as one for the nurse's station, one for appointments, one for prescription needs, and a general inquiry line as well. Having all of those different calls go to one person would be a serious headache.

Transcribed voicemails make it easier for receptionists to prioritize callbacks in the morning. For example, they can call back those who have an appointment that day first and then non-urgent matters later. 

Medical groups also still need a fax line to receive patient records, prescription information, and more. Of course, a separate line for this makes daily communication seamless.

How Medical Practices Can Use VoxDirect:

  • Different extensions for each department (appointments, nurses, doctor on call, general inquiries, etc.)
  • Separate fax line.
  • Transcribed voicemails to read through messages quickly.
  • WiFi calling for doctors or nurses in areas with limited reception.
  • Call forwarding to physicians at home.


Insurance Companies

Insurance companies of all sizes require a business phone system. No matter the type of insurance, you probably get a lot of intake calls. 

Extensions are an excellent way to make sure your customer gets to the right place - claims, general inquiries, or put through to their individual agent. 

Plus, since many agents are at home, conference calling has increased in importance. Agents no longer working side-by-side can easily communicate with team members anywhere.

A virtual receptionist can help smaller insurance companies save time and resources. For large insurance agencies, using wholesale voice options for your call center saves time and resources and allows you to focus on growing your business. 

Having a reliable, scalable call center is crucial for large insurance companies, and your business phone software must be able to grow with you and keep you competitive.

How Insurance Companies Can Use the Business Phone System:

  • Direct callers to the correct extension.
  • Virtual receptionists without the need to hire another employee.
  • Conference calling so the team can work together from anywhere.
  • Reliable business phone systems for call centers.


Beauty Salons

Hair and nail salons field numerous calls throughout the day. From new appointments to questions on treatments, it seems as though the phone is always ringing!

The last thing your salon needs is robot callers clogging the line. Thankfully, business phone systems can weed out spammers so only real callers get through.

Salons can really benefit from a virtual receptionist, especially when the entire staff is busy with clients. Instead of someone taking time away from a current appointment, the virtual receptionist can take the call and direct it to the right location.

Salon owners can read through transcribed voicemail to easily find out if someone canceled an appointment and prepare to call back clients who want to make an appointment that week. 

VoxDirect makes it easy for you to manage your salon and give dedicated time to customers.

How Beauty Salons Can Use Cloud Voice Services:

  • Weed out spam calls.
  • Use a virtual receptionist for added professionalism.
  • Read through transcribed voicemails to save time.
  • Create extensions to get callers to the right person quickly.



Customers typically call car dealerships because they want to buy or lease a new car, their current vehicle has a problem, or they want information on a checkup. You'll want to direct callers to the right person.

VoxDirect allows you to create extensions such as the garage, sales team, etc. This gets customers to the right person quickly.

Small dealerships can use virtual receptionists for added value while large dealerships can use a business phone system for a call center. 

Your sales team might be working remotely, which means you'll want conference call features to keep everyone connected. Someone in charge of parts inventory can quickly call your sales team members to talk about what's in stock.

How Automotive Businesses Can Use the Business Phone System:

  • Route callers to the right place (garage, sales, etc.).
  • Set up a virtual assistant instead of hiring a receptionist.
  • Use a voice system to grow a call center.
  • Conference call with team members working remotely.



Retailers large and small can use VoxDirect for better customer service and to organize the business.

If you have a small store, you probably have a lot of calls with designers and manufacturers. Conference calling makes this simple and straightforward.

You also may want a dedicated fax line for invoices and orders. A business phone system makes this easy.

Large retailers usually have a robust call center. Customers want to get information quickly from call centers, such as information on their return or order. You might also need global coverage because your call centers are located worldwide.

VoxDirect is a way to stay organized and customer-focused, and they provide a scalable way to manage your call centers.

How Retailers Can Use Cloud Voice Services:

  • Conference calls with team members, designers, and manufacturers.
  • Dedicated fax line for orders and invoicing.
  • Read through voicemails and answer customers quickly.
  • Improve customer service call center experience.


Employees and Teams 

Now that teams are working remotely, a reliable phone system is essential. Most important for teams is a phone system that works anywhere since we're all out of the office. You want a system that can reach your team no matter if they are working at home, at a cafe, or on the road.

Conference calling has skyrocketed in use lately. You want to be able to have team meetings when apart, instead of relaying the same information over and over again. VoxDirect seamlessly allows for conference calling to keep your productivity high.

No one wants to be interrupted by spam calls, so a system that blocks robot callers can keep your team focused.

Plus, you can record your calls, so now you don't have to rely on one team member to keep notes. Instead, record the call and send it out to the team.

How Employees and Teams Can Use VoxDirect:

  • A cloud-based system that can reach your team anywhere they work.
  • Conference calling to talk to the entire team.
  • Block robocalls throughout the day.
  • Call recording to take meeting notes.

Bottom Line

Now that your business is working remotely, you need a reliable phone system to stay on track. You don't want employees to use their personal phones and blur the line between business and personal calls.VoxDirect can help keep your team organized with cloud-based voice systems. We've worked with small businesses worldwide to help them get the tools they need at an affordable price.